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Starry Sky
Welcome! Thanks for stopping by

The Astralight Club has changed.We want to evolve and give people  what they want so we are changing our format.

We are becoming a live music venue. No longer SINGLES ONLY,no longer 45+, we want to welcome everyone to pop along and meet new people while listening to our resident singer,Claire Hamill.

Claire has had a long and full career,writing songs for Wishbone Ash, Morrisey Mullen and Eva Cassidy ,along with other people from the Jazz music world. You can find out more about Claire if you visit her website,

Our Venue

Our club happens on the first Saturday of the month in the downstairs bar at The White Rock Hotel,Hastings.

We are in the process of trying to get a discount on the price of a room for anyone who wishes to stay over.

In time  we'd like to bring in different musicians to delight you with ,but in the meantime we hope you'll join us for a joyous evening on......


Have a great deal of fun until then!
 Pay cash on arrival                £5
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