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Easter Bunnies!

Last month's club night wasn't as well-attended as previous events but that is hardly surprising given the news coming from Ukraine.I think most people wanted to stay close to their TV sets.

Given that, we were still able to welcome some new faces and we hope they'll come back in future.

Our new visitors were remarking how nice it was to be in a welcoming space,low lighting ,nicely furnished and strung with pretty lights to give a magical "feel".

Captain Kirka was off in the USA at the time so the hostesses did a fantastic job at keeping the ship on course.

Our next event has a theme.Let's face it, themes are fun! We're being very tongue -in-cheek and calling it "Bunnies" as a nod to Easter and the fecundity of rabbits! Anyone brave enough to sport bunny ears will be entered into a draw to win a bottle of wine,red or white.

We hope some girls will be brave enough to go the whole hog and get dressed up as bunny girls but realistically,that's pretty unlikely!!!!Still,you never know,There's nothing like a well-presented bosom to inflame the passions of our male members! (forgive the pun!)

Next month in May we'll be inviting couples along to our club as long as they bring a single person with them.We'll also be giving a discount on tickets and our theme next month will be "Pagans".

We're pleased to announce that female Accapella group, 'Rattlebag", will be entertaining us with some sweet and irreverent songs from their repertoire.

Please come along to either or both events,you are guaranteed a warm welcome.We can't guarantee you'll meet your next lover, but they are definitely out there somewhere and if we keep this club going there's a much better chance that eventually you may meet each other.

Wouldn't that be great? ARE those black satin hot-pants...I'm sure I was saving them for a night like this! xxx

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