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New Year,New Love

It was hard to cancel our last meeting, after all,we've only just got this thing off the ground! It'll take a while until we all find our feet and cancelling is one way to disrupt the progress, but in these crazy virus times,we don't have a great deal of choice.

Unless the venue,the White Rock Hotel,insists we do lateral flow tests before we meet,we won't be insisting on that for our members.

We all believe that you take your health seriously and that you'll naturally be taking measures to protect yourselves.

Our last event was encouraging to say the least.One couple we're so wrapped up in each other they couldn't wait to leave and disappeared into the night without a word and one other couple decided to stay on in the upstairs bar and get to know each other better.We call that a result!

There are no guarantees in life,I guess we all accept that, but there is absolutely no reason to suppose we WON"T find a special person to love.Some say it's a numbers game,meet enough people and eventually you'll find the right one.We say let the sunshine on our hopes.There's nothing that feels as good as a kiss with someone who cares.....

My Astra girls and I will be making hearts to string round the room to decorate our space...yes,we'll be making hearts,not breaking them! So get ready to bring your happy faces and see if this year you can find your special Valentine......See you on Saturday February the 5th

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