Spring is sprung

Many thanks to everyone who came to our last event in February.It was again a fun night with a raffle and 'Cheesy Chat up lines".They didn't all go down well! Someone objected to the line " Do you like Whales? Well how about a hump-back at my place?"

And given that we're all over 50, perhaps the one that said, " Rabbits conceive 150 babies a year. How many do you think we can make in an hour?" was a bit over the top! gotta have a sense of humour if you want to be chosen eh?

Wasn't that the thing that all lonely hearts adverts used to say ? "Must have SOH!"

We certainly need one these days when we're not finding a lot to smile about.

You'll always find a warm welcome with us the Astralight club.

The cheesy chat up lines might have to go but the smile definitely won't.....

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