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There's something about ears!

Our Easter bunnies event was a very jolly affair! Everyone got into the swing when the bunny ears came out...amazingly transformational!

Everyone wearing ears was allowed to enter the raffle for a bottle of Lidl's finest white wine,unfortunately our host put the names into an ice bucket which had previously had ice so all the names stuck together.

It was suggested that we go through the whole thing again but the "crowd" shouted "Nooo!" (the anticipation was too much for them!) So one name was duly fished out of the soggy blob and guess who won? Jane!

It was a job to make her take the wine as she is one of the Hostesses but "rules is rules" and as she was wearing ears,she won fairly and squarely so was forced to take it home and we hope she enjoyed it!

We can't wait for next year.....bunny ears...transformational....

Thanks to Vicky for the pics...

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